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To execute a single supply-chain transaction, each person involved switched about 350 times between 22 different applications and unique websites. – Harvard Business Review

We are the digital enablers for your ambitious businesses! We focus on providing solutions that enhance your Transportation and Logistics (T&L) application landscape! Alongside our deep logistics expertise, we also leverage the principles of Design thinking (DT) to create superior products focused on user needs and iterative development.

Through our empathetic research, we understood the pain points of logistics professionals and created a detailed analysis of the journey maps of various user personas within the logistics landscape. It is this research that drove the creation of Prazna – a streamlined solution for your logistics operations. It addresses productivity losses and enhances efficiency by simplifying tasks and information access. Prazna serves as a copilot, minimizing app fatigue and significantly boosting overall efficiency by 30-50%.

Mission statement

We aim to revolutionize the T&L industry with our cutting-edge conversational AI technology. By leveraging it, we wish to streamline communication, simplify tasks, and improve overall productivity and user experience, naturally and intuitively. By providing access to the data anywhere, any time, on any device with zero code, we desire to empower transportation & logistics professionals with enhanced agility.

About Bridgenext

Bridgenext is a global IT consultancy empowering clients to drive transformation and growth. Our pedigreed technology expertise spanning nearly three decades, coupled with the ‘client for life’ approach, has cultivated prestigious client relationships. We believe in ‘everyday innovation with purpose,’ developing a mantra of incremental, adaptive change when architecting for digital excellence. Organizations across industries rely on our technical proficiency to become digitally fluent. We help them build resilience, so they can navigate their digital journeys. Our experts have played a vital role in crafting foolproof technical solutions to business problems, leveraging our knowledge of cloud, data, and automation tools.

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