What does Prazna mean?

Prazna is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘praśna’, which means ‘question’. As part of the OptimateIQ product suite, Prazna is a conversation-as-a-service platform and is the first release in a series of automation and productivity enhancement solutions. The solution focuses on addressing productivity losses and enhances efficiency by simplifying tasks and information access. The hallmark of the Optimate IQ series is its seamless weaving of advanced AI technologies such as, generative AI and Machine Learning (ML) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) into conversational and automation solutions.

Prazna leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic real-life human conversations. It understands user intent and maps it to the right data provider to generate the relevant answers. It eliminates the need to remember the nomenclature of different applications/UI by providing a conversational interface that allows users to interact with the bot in a Q&A format. Prazna integrates with 50+ data providers and the numbers are only growing!

What is a Copilot?

Copilot is a personalized assistant that helps simplify everyday tasks. With its AI/ML competencies, it easily mimics human conversations. It is available 24×7 for every team member in the organization.

How is Prazna going to help with my team’s productivity?

Prazna helps elevate your team’s productivity levels in many ways. Its plugin architecture facilitates integration with your existing applications and services. Hence, it becomes a central repository to access and update information. Also, it seamlessly integrates into collaboration platforms like MS Team, Slack, Direct Line, and Web applications eliminating the need to install any external applications. Users can simply issue commands through a conversational interface.

Prazna’s conversational AI platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic real-life human communication. The conversational UI approach eliminates the need to learn & remember various UI metaphors and navigate through the screens to find the correct information.

Prazna further enhances employee satisfaction and experience by providing contextual and predictive actions based on the data and how users utilize the system.

Saves time by responding promptly to a query.

Easy to use.

The team can focus on more critical issues and creative thinking; hence you can enjoy overall increased efficiencies.

How do I add a new data provider?

Prazna’s no-touch model takes away the burden of developing the plugins from users. Our team of experts takes on the task of integrating any data source that has an API.

Get in touch to discuss your use case.

How does Prazna reduce app fatigue?

According to Harvard Business Review, to execute a single supply-chain transaction, each person switches between 22 different applications and unique websites about 350 times. This constant app switching meant consistent sign-ups, logins, subscriptions, etc. is time-consuming and tiring. Prazna is designed to address and reduce app fatigue. By doing so, it helps improve employee efficiency by 30-50%.

Which devices is Prazna compatible with?

Prazna is integrated into MS Teams as a Teams application. It means you can access it wherever Teams client is available. MS Teams clients can access Prazna from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device that runs on commonly used operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

You can find out more about MS Teams hardware requirements from here.

The team behind Prazna

We are a global IT services and products company empowering clients to drive transformation and growth. Our pedigreed technology expertise spanning nearly three decades, coupled with the ‘client for life’ approach, has, over the years, cultivated prestigious client relationships.

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